Tenjin: The Deity of Knowledge and Learning

Our goal for our clients is to bring them market knowledge and intelligence so they can build wealth, security and financial freedom. Tenjin represents learning and wisdom.


We believe that everyone should have an affordable, high-performing portfolio,
without the hefty fees. Moreover, Actively managed strategies like those used by hedge funds are now accessible to everyone.

Create a better tomorrow with us, today.

  • 2018

    September - Quantel AI was born to provide a practical application of AI to solve long standing problems in multiple market verticals.

  • 2018

    November - Tenjin AI was founded to create an active, risk managed solution, instead of a passive one, for the smart investor.

  • 2020

    November - Partnered with San Francisco based digital bank, Unifimoney, and launched 3 products: Tenjin AI Basic, Advanced, and Pro

  • 2020

    December - Registered under SEC as an internet based independent advisor, RIA.

  • 2021

    April - Registered RIA within all 50 states of the US.