Tenjin: The Deity of Knowledge and Learning

Tenjin ( ( てん ) ( じん ) , Tenjin) is the patron deity of academics, scholarship, learning, and intelligentsia in Japanese Shinto culture. Ten (天) means sky and jin (神) means god or deity. In Hinduism and Buddhism, Tenjin can be compared to a guru (Sanskrit: गुरु). Tenjin / Guru are worshiped in Japan, India and other ancient cultures, particularly for His divine blessings for acquiring knowledge and wisdom.

Tenjin is an apt name for our platform as our goal is to bring financial advisory solutions that are based on knowledge and intelligence  within easy reach of everyone.

Background picture courtesy: worldhistory.org


Tenjin AI’s mission is to democratize access to systematic, hedged investment strategies and data driven insights about markets so that everyone, not just the wealthy few can possibly benefit from it.

Smart, hedged strategies have long been a preserve of high net worth Individuals while the everyday investors are left to fend for themselves dealing with investment services that can be ineffective during market downturns and which may not be competitive enough during market upturns. Tenjin AI was born when we observed the inequities in wealth management solutions. Cheap, passive and ineffective solutions are generally offered to everyday investors whereas smart, systematic solutions are generally offered to very high net worth investors.
We strongly believe there is an enormous potential for technology, particularly AI in the world of investing, to level the playing field for everyone.
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  • 2018

    September - Quantel AI was born to provide a practical application of AI to solve long standing problems in multiple market verticals.

  • 2018

    November - Tenjin AI was founded to create an active, risk managed solution, instead of a passive one, for the smart investor.

  • 2020

    November - Partnered with San Francisco based digital bank, Unifimoney, and launched 3 products: Tenjin AI Basic, Advanced, and Pro

  • 2020

    December - Registered under SEC as an internet based independent advisor, RIA.

  • 2021

    April - Registered RIA within all 50 states of the US.