Founder's Message

Founder's Message
Investment trends can be intense and powerful forces resulting in opportunities to buy or sell. Sometimes, the market tells you one story, even as the performance of the business tells you another. Capital has been draining out of retail investor’s pockets as they continue to invest in indexes and funds that consistently under perform. For example, since 1983, the Russell 1000 value index has returned a 5% per year as opposed to the 3.3% for the Russell growth index.

Moreover, as funds continue to flow into the hands of the indexers that under perform, stocks not included in the prominent indices relentlessly lag. This eventually leads to wealth erosion for all the retail investors that invest in these indexes or funds with the hopes of becoming financially independent one day.


What does this mean for you?

What does this mean for you?
I struggled to express this irony myself, whilst investing consistently for decades and still not being able to experience the financial freedom that has been a dream for many of us. As we have experienced, the Hedge funds ecosystem has expanded rapidly in the recent decade. On one hand, we notice that the wealth has continued to rise for the ultra wealthy, creating a big disparity in the way wealth was being created for them vis vis everyday individuals. I realised this was a big problem that needed to be fixed, and hence I took it upon myself to fix it.

Tenjin Ai was born to transform the investment landscape for everyday investors minus the hefty costs associated with building wealth. Having established this purpose, I then started looking for answers to build wealth for investors like me. And the focus has always been on avoiding the red oceans, i.e. making investors vulnerable by following age old financial techniques.

Tenjin Ai is more like bringing hedge fund investing to everyday investors. We at Tenjin Ai believe that every investor should get access to the tools that can help them build long term wealth. We make use of the latest technologies that help us devise investment strategies that have generated wealth for the ultra wealthy individuals in the past. What makes our investing strategies capable of generating an alpha on its investments, is its ability to withstand the toughest test of times. When we consider something like Brexit, we don’t settle on a rarity view of a particular outcome, we model them to ensure that our strategies are much stronger than the doldrums in the economy.

Our story continues…

Our work does not stop here. In today’s times, when every individual has the ability to invest in stocks commission free, we aimed at a bigger silver lining, to help individuals make the right investment decisions. Owing to our Investment Research, every individual can learn more about their favourite stocks before they start investing in it. So it is not their emotions that are driving their investment journey, but their data-informed decisions.

As the Founder and CEO of Tenjin Ai, there’s nothing that keeps me up at night more than thinking about how we can deliver more value to you consistently. We are all set to sail together on this exciting journey offering new resources and enhanced infrastructure capabilities. Our goal remains intact “building wealth for individuals like you”.


Watch out for the announcement.

-Shyam S.

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