Once you login to Tenjin AI, you can “Create an Account” from the main dashboard. It will walk you through the steps of setting an investment goal, creating a brokerage account and transferring funds to invest. Voila! All investments will be automatically done by the Tenjin AI in the background.

Tenjin AI app shows your account balance snapshot along with stocks and ETFs your money is invested in. For most current balance information, you can login to IBKR either on their app or on their website to see the most current account balance.

While we do not guarantee the returns on your investments, we can assure you that your accounts are very safe at IBKR – Interactive Brokers. Your investments will be held in your brokerage account at IBKR – a reputed broker registered with FINRA and SEC. Your account is always under your name and you will have control over your account at all times. In addition, your brokerage firm has FDIC and SIPC protection the details of which can be seen here: https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/index.php?f=2334&p=acc&conf=am

It takes an enormous amount of time to develop a complex product that is easy to use by everyone. Tenjin AI’s strategies are advanced strategies similar to the ones used by many successful hedge funds. At Tenjin AI, we are super conscious of not taking too many risks. Afterall, every penny is hard earned by our customers. To bring this sophistication to everyone while keeping risk management at the forefront takes time. We have been perfecting this art and science over the last 24 months and we are very excited to invite everyone to get onto Tenjin. We are committed to making it a rewarding experience for you.

These are 5 steps to get started with Tenjin AI.
– Create a Basic or Premier account with Tenjin AI
– Take your risk assessment in Tenjin AI app
– Create your financial goal in Tenjin AI app
– Create your investment account using Tenjin AI app (at our brokerage IBKR)
– Fund your investment account using links in Tenjin AI app
– There is a Tenjin AI subscription fee for Basic and Premier Accounts the details of which can be found in the Pricing page at tenjin-ai.com
– There is a Tenjin AI management fee for managing investment accounts. The fee varies by amount of money invested through Tenjin AI

Tenjin AI has an internal team of Quantitative Finance professionals that manages these strategies. These individuals are licensed professionals and come with experience working at large banks and hedge funds. The same investment techniques used at hedge funds that are driven by data and systematic processes are now made available for individual investors in Tenjin AI.

No worries. Tenjin AI will create a brokerage account for you at IBKR once you start your investment process. It is a simple 5-minute process that the Tenjin app guides you through.

Yes. We are flexible toward your investing needs and you can change your plan at any time.

Research FAQ

Tenjin AI is powered by our proprietary ranking algorithm. It considers elements such as Fundamental, Technical and Sentiments to predict the short-term and long-term outlook on the stocks.

Tenjin links to your external accounts through Plaid. Plaid enables Tenjin users to securely connect all of their financial accounts with Tenjin to get a holistic view of their net wealth. Tenjin can also be a watch guard with eagle eyes that can monitor for any adverse movements or potential investment risks associated with an investor’s external accounts.

Tenjin never stores any of our user’s external account credentials such as username or password in its system. Tenjin also never shares any of the information about accounts held in Tenjin with anyone.

Tenjin AI ranks Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds using its proprietary ranking algorithm. Only assets with high volume and a minimum market cap are ranked by Tenjin AI. These ranks get updated on a weekly basis.

Yes, Tenjin AI provides recommendations on your existing portfolio. All you need to do is link your existing portfolio to Tenjin. Tenjin will provide recommendations to achieve higher returns with lower risk on accounts held with external brokers.

The account value gets updated on a real-time basis. Although the information will be very close to the real value in your accounts, we recommend you to rely upon the information displayed on your brokerage account at the brokerage’s app or website to get the most accurate information.

Strategies FAQ

Yes, of course. You may withdraw your invested amount partially or fully from a Tenjin AI strategy at any time. From the app, you can request for withdrawal. Your request will be executed within a maximum of 5 business days.

All you have to do is to set a risk profile for your account and choose whether you want to invest using Tenjin AI’s Basic strategies focused on long term growth or you want to invest in Tenjin AI’s premier strategies focused on short and medium term opportunities. Tenjin will do the rest as far as choosing Stocks and ETFs in which your money will be invested.

Strategies are investment algorithms that are historically backtested portfolios of assets such as stocks and ETFs which are updated / rebalanced every few weeks/month/quarter (depending on the strategy).

Rebalancing means your portfolio is evaluated and new stocks are replaced if strategy picks new stocks.

Rebalancing is needed because the stocks that you are invested in may have run out of momentum. A new stock might have gained momentum. Your investments will have to be updated, constantly or otherwise it may not perform well in terms of returns you get on your investments. Tenjin AI does all the work for rebalancing. You can just invest in Tenjin AI, sit back and relax.

It depends on the strategy. Some strategies are quarterly, some monthly and some others weekly. Tenjin AI will decide on rebalancing frequency based on backtest results for those strategies.

Tenjin AI has an internal team of Quantitative Finance professionals that manages these strategies. These individuals have experience working at large banks and hedge funds. The same techniques that are driven by data and systematic processes, used at hedge funds are now made available for individual investors in Tenjin AI.