Tenjin AI

Smart Investing Strategies For Everybody

We firmly believe that every individual should have access to smart investing strategies without a hefty fees. We at Tenjin AI, have a mission to make high-performing portfolios affordable and accessible to everyone through our Next-Gen Investment Platform

Smart Investing Strategies For Everybody
Smart Investing Strategies For Everybody

Low Minimum and Low Fees

Invest in an intelligent portfolio designed to meet your financial goals with as little as $100. If you open a Tenjin account and transfer a minimum of $25,000 in that account by July 31, 2021, you will be charged ABSOLUTELY for a WHOLE YEAR for the amount transferred by then. But hurry, this offer will expire on July 31, 2021! We invite you to join us and experience the power of smart, systematic, disciplined, purely data driven investment decisions at ZERO COST.

Automated Trading

Tenjin AI will automatically identify and trade new Stocks/ETFs that has greater profit potential using advanced techniques very similar to those applied by hedge funds for their high networth clients. Tenjin's mission is to democratize these strategies and enhance your returns while keeping your investment risks in check.

Superior Returns

Tenjin's strategies are targetting to deliver annual returns of 6% - 25% based on risk level of a strategy. Tenjin's portfolios are unique in that it is a blend of Tenjin's proprietary strategies, customized for each and every investor based on their own investment level and risk preferences.