Tenjin AI

Smart Investing Strategies For Everybody

We realize that every individual should have access to smart investing strategies without a hefty fees. We at Tenjin AI, have a mission to make high-performing portfolios affordable and accessible to everyone through its Next-Gen Robo-Advisor Platform

Smart Investing Strategies For Everybody
Smart Investing Strategies For Everybody

Low Minimum and Low Fees

Invest in an intelligent portfolio designed to meet your financial goals with an investment as little as $500. With a $0 introductory fee, we invite everyone to join us in our mission.

Automated Rebalancing

Tenjin will automatically reallocate to better Stocks/ETFs as market conditions change to enhance returns and to keep investment risks in check.

8-40% Target Returns

High growth strategies with a potential of 8-40% annual returns based on your chosen risk level.