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Slide Investing Redefined

With Tenjin, you don’t need  to speculate anymore TenjinAi Basic: Actionable Market Insights With Tenjin, you don't need to speculate anymore

Tenjin enables you to make smarter decisions with its multi-dimensional research and proprietary scoring mechanism. Don't speculate anymore. Tenjin uses advanced AI and Quant Finance techniques to achieve a high degree of accuracy for its predictions. Risk management is a central tenet in Tenjin's recommendation. Let Tenjin be your guiding star - but you take the final call!

Get an early access "Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it" -
Benjamin Graham, Pioneer of value investing

Tenjin works hard for getting you great returns TenjinAi Basic: Advanced AI models for Stocks / ETFs / Mutual Funds Tenjin works hard for getting you great returns

Tenjin works just like your personal investment advisor, by efficiently selecting the best stocks / ETFs / Mutual Funds among thousands of available choices. Tenjin always takes your risk preferences into consideration before it recommends an asset or a portfolio along with recommendation for optimal number of units of each asset to hold to achieve a high return with low risk. It gets better than your personal financial advisor - it is never pressed for time to monitor your portfolio every single day and to suggest corrective actions in a timely manner after churning through a lot of numbers specific to your portfolio.

Get an early access "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die" - Warrent Buffet

Let Tenjin alert you when your portfolio needs corrective actions TenjinAi Basic: Timely portfolio action alerts Let Tenjin alert you when your portfolio needs corrective actions

Timely action is the difference between the winners and the losers among the portfolios. Tenjin uses advanced AI techniques to predict a medium-term outlook for your portfolio and calculates the risk on your investments at a regular interval. Tenjin gives you data driven advice in a timely manner based on its analytics and AI models. Tenjin does the hard work of churning numbers from thousands of simulated scenarios and gives you specific and actionable advice so that you can meet your investment goals in the long run.

Get an early access "Investment is most successful when it is most business like" - Benjamin Graham

Take control of all of your investments in one go without changing anything TenjinAi Advanced: Link all your investments with Tenjin Take control of all of your investments in one go without changing anything

Get a holistic view of all your investments such as your personal brokerage accounts, your 401k / IRA / 529 plan etc. regardless where you are managing it, by linking these accounts with Tenjin. Tenjin will automatically be able to get the latest account details and provide one consolidated view of all your accounts. By linking it in Tenjin, you can benefit from its advanced investment analytics and AI engines, with superior prediction capabilities to advise you on how best to optimize these for better returns. Tenjin will become a watch-guard on all your investments as it will monitor your portfolios every day and alert you if there are any course corrections needed due to adverse movements on the investments you have made. Don't worry - Tenjin will not make any changes on these external accounts - only you can.

Get an early access "Risk comes from Not knowing what you're doing" - Warren Buffet

Let Tenjin optimize your portfolios for superior returns TenjinAi Advanced: Portfolio Optimization Let Tenjin optimize your portfolios for superior returns

Periodic optimization is key to successful investing. Tenjin deals with the heavy duty math and science behind best optimization techniques so that you don't have to. It will keep a watch on all of your portfolios and optimize them as and when required. You can even link your portfolios held at other brokerage firms with Tenjin along with your 401k/IRA portfolios. Tenjin will automatically monitor them and give you a holistic view of your net worth currently and it's growth in the future. Tenjin will suggest optimization periodically and which has the potential to aid in achieving higher returns.

Get an early access "We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful" - Warren Buffet

Let Tenjin help you with its proven, risk management centric trading strategies TenjinAi Pro: Invest using Tenjin's proprietary strategies Let Tenjin help you with its proven, risk management centric trading strategies

Have you ever thought of a world where you could have access to trading strategies? Tenjin is based on the same advanced technologies using alternative data that drives most of the hedge fund decisions. Now Tenjin may be able to offer its investment strategies to certain investors based on their individual risk profile. With Tenjin, you stand a chance to explore the secret sauce for getting good returns - even for a small affordable investment amount. Tenjin's strategies are centered around risk management and will not even show you those strategies not suitable for you based on your risk tolerance. You don't need to start off as an affluent investor in these strategies. Tenjin can help you become one.

Get an early access "Buy stocks as you would groceries: when they are on sale" - Christopher Browne, a famous value investor

Slide Identify and invest in the next Amazon or Tesla with Tenjin Get an early access

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